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◆About NakasendoWay

Nakasendo Way is one of five important ways in Edo period and connects Tokyo (called Edo) with Kyoto. There were 67 stations on the route. Its route is inland and has mountain passes.The way was travelled by such as Samurai, travelers (Do you know Basho Matsuo? He’s also passed the way), merchants.

◆What’s Nakasendo Trail

Nakasendo Way has a lot of attractive landscapes, such as traditional stations, foods, shrines, forests, and waterfalls. The stone paved road remained from Edo period is also a gland sight.
You can see the beautiful landscape covered with snow in winter.Please visit the historical way.


ROUTE Magome-juku~Tsumago-juku

The trail course between Magome and Tsumago is about 8 kilometers (5miles). It’s located border of Nagano and Gifu. You can walk the course about 2-3hours. Many restaurants and souvenir shops are clustered in Magomejuku. Many old rows of houses and shops are saved in Tsumagojuku. There are waterfalls, shrines, passes, museums, milestones on the trail course which is well-maintained section. This is why, the trail course is very popular.

ルート ルート


We recommend you to start from Magome-juku,
because the slope from Magome is easy.

Nagoya station(chuo line JR) ⇒ Nakatsugawa station (1 hour)
Nakatsugawa station(Kitaina Kotsu bus) ⇒ Magome-juku (25minutes)

Nagoya station(chuo line JR) ⇒ Nakatsugawa station (1 hour)⇒Nagiso station(20 minutes)
Nagiso station(Ontake Kotsu bus) ⇒ Tsumago-juku (10 minutes)